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Frequently Asked Pool Questions

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Customer Question #1

I Shocked my Pool, so why is it still Cloudy?

Answer: If your PH is not too high (below 7.8) and you are holding a high level of Free Chlorine (10+), then the likely cause of your problem is Filtration.  The Solution is to backwash (Rinse Filters) more regularly and/or change old sand, run Pump 24/7 and maintain free Chlorine at a high level until water clears.

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Customer Question #2

Are Phosphates a Problem for my Pool?     

Answer:  High Phosphate levels can cause Algae problems.  Phosphates enter the pool by leaching out of organic material (leaves etc...) and from fertilizers sprayed near-by.  Algae feeds on Phosphates, so much higher levels of Sanitation will be required.  Removal of Phosphates is ideal.

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Customer Question #3

How often and for how long should I Backwash my Pool?

Answer:  Under normal circumstances you should backwash your pool once a week for approximately 2 minutes (depending on pool size).  If clearing a green or cloudy pool, backwashing will need to be more regular, every 24 to 48 hours.